Amanda Linnin

Lauren H RN is extremely thorough an excellent nurse. Really seems to care about her patients and people.


Frederick Marquis

I've been a patient of Christian Grandell for quite some time. He is the consummate professional! He takes the time to talk to you about your health and explain things to you in layman terms. Love the staff there too!


Marilynn & Loran Heller

We only go here because of Christen Grandall. He is the best and he has treated us for many years. If he moves somewhere else we will follow.


william easley

Let me say this. I write reviews often but never have for a doctor or office. I am sure that some folks have had aggravating situations with this office staff or some of the doctors. I have had a couple of issues with paperwork in the past . In my experience this always gets resolved in the end. Now hear this, I don't go here for the office practices, I go here for the great medical care I receive . I am 75 years old and have a few medical problems, so I know whereof I speak. PA Christian Grandell is as good as any medical professional I have ever called my Doctor. There are no bad office practices or reviews that will ever keep me away from a great Doctor. Thank you, Christian.


Clay E Young

I have always been treated real good by the receptionist the PA Christian G. I have been seeing him for many years I highly recommend, he has always been more than professional and courteous.
It seems to me that the only people that typically leave a review are the ones who have a gripe of some sort and are probably hard to please anyways.

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